Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services
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CARS Recon, Inc. provides first class advice and support to auctions who seek collegial affiliations with reconditioning professionals who can offer impartial opinions and advice. With over 40 years experience successfully running many businesses related to the automotive industry, CARS Recon, Inc.’s management is particularly qualified to offer services in this arena.

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Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services (CARS Recon, Inc.) was formed in January 2003. CARS Recon, Inc. began serving the auction industry at Manheim Pittsburgh on March 17, 2003. This was the first location to be served and it began with 12 full-time employees.

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  • Detailing
  • Mechanical Inspection/Repair
  • Paint/Body Repair
  • Sale-Day Arbitration
  • CR Inspections
  • Lot Operations
  • Headlight Restoration

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