Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services

Customer Benefits

CARS Recon Inc. supplies all labor management and materials associated with the Auction Reconditioning Process: CARS Recon, Inc., as an outside contractor, supplies all labor management and materials required to operate the complete reconditioning process. This includes the Quality Control function, Administration, and Production Personnel. Our on-site managers are required to interact fully with the auction and the customers to ensure satisfactory vehicle appearance. This includes walking the cars prior to sale day with the customer representatives and maintaining strong customer relations.

A Culture of Safety: With CARS Recon, safety always comes first — the safety of our employees, of your employees, of everyone who comes on your lot. We set the highest standards in the industry for training and management of our safety programs.

Fixed Reconditioning Cost: To provide the auction with a reasonable profit opportunity, reconditioning costs are fixed. This allows the auction to better budget the direct resources to areas other than reconditioning. Exact costs are based on volume and negotiated independently for each contract. Reconditioning pricing includes all materials and labor.

Reduced Employee Benefit Costs: Because all reconditioning employees are now employed by CARS Recon, Inc., associated benefit costs and costs of employment then becomes the responsibility of CARS Recon, Inc.

Reduction in Workman’s Comp: Along with Workman’s Comp, personal injury insurance becomes the responsibility of CARS Recon, Inc. Certificates of insurance can be provided upon request and can be customized to fit appropriate levels required by the auction should they differ from our standard liability coverage.

Reduced Human Resource Costs: CARS Recon, Inc. assumes the responsibility for employment for all recon employees. All associated HR functions, including health and safety, become the responsibility of CARS Recon, Inc.

Highest Level of Quality Guaranteed: We guarantee finished product quality to be at or above quality levels currently available at the auction location. CARS Recon, Inc. will absorb all training costs for recon employees and management. We will also provide onsite training and monitoring for quality.

Strong Manufacturer Relationships: Because Senior Management of CARS Recon, Inc. has a long active history in the auction industry, strong manufacturer and fleet lease relationships have been established. We have an understanding of the manufacturer requirements as they pertain to the remarketing industry and the development of processes to meet those requirements.

Member of NAAA: Our associate membership in the Auction Association since 2004 further underscores the commitment of CARS Recon, Inc. to the industry and its customers.

Excellent Customer Endorsement Available upon Request: Should it become necessary, we are pleased to offer endorsements and contracts to verify our performance at auctions we serve.