Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services

Services Offered

CARS Recon Inc. offers an expanded menu of services, including, but not limited to:


These services are offered using a variety of specifications to suit an individual customer needs. CARS Recon, Inc. provides all labor, management, and materials to expertly operate the detail shop in a professional manner.

Mechanical Inspection/Repair

CARS Recon, Inc.’s qualified technicians can provide quality mechanical inspections and repairs as mandated by the auction’s customer. As with all services, materials along with personnel and management are provided.

Paint/Body Repair

Utilizing the most current repair techniques, CARS Recon Inc. has teamed up with PPG and Axalta to provide the highest quality of repair.

Sale-Day Arbitration

CARS Recon, Inc. provides arbitration services, providing an independent assessment to the auction.

CR Inspections

CARS Recon, Inc. has on staff qualified CR inspectors which are available to be utilized during peak periods.

Lot Operations

CARS Recon, Inc. has expanded its list of services to include lot operations. As with Recon Shops, this service provides a manager and all necessary personnel to perform the movement of vehicles within the confines of the auction. The auction gains advantage of reduced headcount and elimination of overtime exposure while maintaining the highest service level. Additionally, all employees have the advantage of CARS Recon, Inc.’s.benefits, i.e. health insurance, 401K, vacation and paid holidays.Fees are established on a “per vehicle entered” basis and customized for each auction site.

Headlight Restoration

Are your headlights scratched or discolored? Do they seem to lack the brightness they once had? There are a number of factors that contribute to the discoloration of headlights. CARS Recon, Inc. will sand and polish the headlight surface, offer a buffing process with selected abrasives, and polish and restore the clarity to the headlight lenses that have become dull and cloudy.

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