Capital Automotive Reconditioning Services

Consulting Services

CARS Recon, Inc. has expanded its footprint by extending our services to include consulting. There are a number of Auctions which prefer not to outsource, but would like to take advantage of production and reporting methods which would make them more efficient. CARS Recon, Inc. can provide this expertise based on the background of their management team and current day-to-day field operations across the country, which provides quantifiable results.

Auctions which have engaged these services have experienced phenomenal results both financially and quality of finished product. These services allow an Auction operator to maintain their current labor force and enjoy the improvements brought about by the CARS Recon, Inc. management team.

CARS Recon, Inc. consulting provides a complete package of reporting methods and hands-on training to the Auction. Areas of expertise include Paint & Body Shops, Mechanic Shops, Detail/Recon Shops, Inspections, OSHA Compliance and Lot Operations. All services are charged on an individual basis taking into account the scope of the project.