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Increased Vehicle Value

CARS Recon provides services to the auction industry which have a notable increase in residual value. This is brought about by years of experience on an international level. Reconditioned vehicles should receive an uplift in value of 3 times the amount spent in the reconditioning process. This number is derived from numerous studies worldwide and is to be used as a rule of thumb. Below, you will find a list of services which will aid in that increase of value.


These services are offered using a variety of specifications to suit an individual customer needs. CARS Recon provides all labor, management, and materials to expertly operate the detail shop in a professional manner.

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Mechanical Inspections

CARS Recon's qualified technicians can provide quality mechanical inspections and repairs as mandated by the auction’s customer. As with all services, materials along with personnel and management are provided.

Paint & Body Repair

Utilizing the most current repair techniques, CARS Recon has teamed with major paint manufactures to establish processes which provide the highest quality of repair.

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Sale Arbitration

CARS Recon provides arbitration services, supplying an independent assessment to the auction. With this assessment, the auction can provide a reasonable settlement to both the buyer and seller resulting in happy customers.

Lot Operations

CARS Recon has expanded its list of services to include lot operations. As with Recon Shops, this service provides a manager and all necessary personnel to perform the movement of vehicles within the confines of the auction.

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There are a number of Auctions which prefer not to outsource but would like to take advantage of production and reporting methods which would make them more efficient. CARS Recon can provide this expertise based on the background of their management team and current day-to-day field operations across the country, which provides quantifiable results.

Headlight Restoration

Headlight restoration is a critical part of the recon process. Clouded headlights not only are unsightly but also pose a safety issue. CARS Recon, in conjunction with 3M, has developed a process which will restore the vehicle's headlights to like-new condition. This is a cost effective method which not only increases the value of the vehicle but also provides a measure of safety.

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